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Crying like hell

Hi Ladies and Gents,

i live in a strict country, for this reason i can not go to doctor ... Recently i ve found some black bumps on my groin area. then i diognosed them that they are HPV warts... hello world :((

recently i found this site and after several hrs of reading i decided to use ACV tech. But i think i did something wrong. Now i am seeking your help pls share your experience and guide me on this issue. night i clean the infected areas with anti bacterial soap (on my left scrotum area) and applied ACV whole night. I saw most of them become white morning. morning before applying the new bandage, i started to rub the area with ACV soaked cotton, and i observe that warts were easily peeled off. i did this 3-4 mins. on some particular areas. Then it started burn like hell. then I stopped. and i applied ACV bandage again whole day

2nd night again i applied ACV. İt was burning like hell again but i survived ...
2.nd morning, i observe the area previously rubbed, lost all skin, and all area was white (4cm by 2 cm)pure white like white cake. I am not describing white spots. Think about totally pure white area. And height difference between surrounding area significant. i.e. This area is in deep. It seems like all protective skin or warty skin was off.

Now i am applying bepanthene creams to heal the area.

My question is that should i still continue to apply ACV to the area or i should wait some time to heal a little or no need to do anything because all warts removed only thing is waiting until the healing.

What is your opinion?

Pls help me i am emotionally so down.

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Hi mr crying like hell. I'm happy the acv had worked for you. What u have to do is try to use tea trea oil all over your penis groin and scrotum to stop the warts from recurring. as soon as you feel the tea trea oil starting to burn u shuld know that that's the tto workin and immediatly apply a cream. I would also like to stress that applying hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade for a two minute period every mornin for two to three weeks and shower immediatly. This will kill all.


Hi there,

Don't worry. The very same thing happened to me, with the large raised white area over the scrotum, and I believe this may be caused by overusing the ACV. I would wait a couple days and allow yourself to heal before trying again. When you do try again, I would recommend only applying ACV for a couple hours at a time, once or twice a day. Don't overdo it or you will get a bad chemical burn and the warts may spread!

ACV Wariror

I had 3 warts all of them fell off (thanks to ACV after applying for 4-5 days). The 2 warts left a crater of pink skin which looks well and its healing fast. The biggets gw that peeled off did not left a crater. I'm not sure if wart skin peeled off without its body and left a white yellowish spongy skin which is not healing after 2 days from the time the wart skin was removed. I'm afraid that the wound it left might get infected. Please advice on what should I apply next.

the guy

How about when the GW kinda go away slow one by one with out treatment what does this mean i still have a few but a good few have gone by them self

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