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get about 6-8 oz of prune juice pour it in a mug..heat it in the mircowave for about 40-45 minutes. drink it quickly. in about an hour you should be relieved..IT WORKS FOR ME EVERYTIME..

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Bonnie MA

40-45 minutes in the microwave and then drink it quickly, are you kidding it would scald your esophagus & everything else too.


I think he / she meant seconds...


ah, yes I think she/he meant seconds, dah, that stands to reason !


Your Were Obviously Typing To Fast..Or Your Paralyzed From The Mouth Down..Anything In The Microwave For That Long Won't Be In Its Natural Form After...Lol It's Always Best To Consult A Physician In Matters Of The Body..


i've suffered with constipation for as long as i can remember, tried fruits, vegetables, and the only thing that helps and i will not change for nothing, is 'PRUNE JUICE'! omg its amazing and natural, i take it every morning 6oz before breakfast, 30 minutes later im good i love it!


Thanks! I'm gonna try that. Usually it just works for me cold. But I've been so blocked up that laxatives or prune juice is working. I'm gonna try to microwave it, hope it works I'm desperate!


After heating any 6-8 ounce liquid for that amount of time(40-45) in the microwave you won't have anything left!!!


well you can see they would of meant Seconds! Gees.. be real


Usually warm prune juice does the trick. However, if you are feeling really constipated, mix 1-2 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia with the prune juice.

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