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hi ,every one spcly thoz who r sufring from viginal odor,well ths remedy also help the onz who got the problm of lose vigina all u have to do buy an alum stick at a grocery store or whrever u can find it ,thn soak it in water nd rub it on the lower part mean at the entrance of ur vigina dont be hard just rub it slowly soak it again nd do it leave it 4 a while to get dry ur body part w4 a while (whn it`ll dry ur vigina will absorb the wet powder 4rm alum stick so it`ll help to get it tight nd odor free ) u can do it whnever u want but in the begining do it on regulerly plz ,atleast 10 minutes a day or 5 min twice a day or as much time u can gv ,good luck it really worked 4 me but becarefull dont be hard on urself .t kr

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Shame on all of you...actually this is noted on Amazon as a cure. If any of you had a teaching degree you'd know that spelling and IQ have nothing in common with each other. Einstein..Bach..and several other famous people have had their own personal challenges.

Doctor Fem

Yes it could be from an accent or she does not speak English well... Obviously you were all reading because your pu$$ies r smelling! N most are loose n men don't want stank n loose.. Just just go buy what the lady said or keep searching for a 'cure' that's the problem with you Americans so quick to critize with you stank loose pu$$ smh.. No one should be judging on this site. #doctor on the look out just signed out.


Hey, nothing wrong with a clean AND TIGHT vagina!


Is the McCormick brand (grocery store) the same? Can it be made into a paste and spread on the vagina?


Does anyone understand a single word of this?


Too funny! I can't believe I just read all the comments. I would add that this must have been text lingo, because I generally don't understand most of what's texted to me. SMH took me the longest, and now I see why. Why didn't auto spellcheck correct this post? Lol! Ladies lighten up!


Stupid people! Honestly if you can't understand what was written by this person you're the idiot here! It's legible to anyone... just read through the lines .. how idiotic do you have to be to criticize someone for not SPELLING IT OUT CLEARLY ENOUGH FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND! Grow up people ... really!?! Huuuummmm why are any of you on this site... oh yeah... because you have this problem... one question if an old person told you this remedy and wrote it down this way would you react the same way?


What language are you speaking in? Your grammer makes Ebonics look like the queens English. I think a man wrote whatever the hell you are trying to say. Very aggravating to read.


What does shrinking your pu$$y have to do with odor? Mostly caused from inticimey with your husband or boyfriend?


This could be good information..... However I don't understand what is being said :-(

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