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hi ,every one spcly thoz who r sufring from viginal odor,well ths remedy also help the onz who got the problm of lose vigina all u have to do buy an alum stick at a grocery store or whrever u can find it ,thn soak it in water nd rub it on the lower part mean at the entrance of ur vigina dont be hard just rub it slowly soak it again nd do it leave it 4 a while to get dry ur body part w4 a while (whn it`ll dry ur vigina will absorb the wet powder 4rm alum stick so it`ll help to get it tight nd odor free ) u can do it whnever u want but in the begining do it on regulerly plz ,atleast 10 minutes a day or 5 min twice a day or as much time u can gv ,good luck it really worked 4 me but becarefull dont be hard on urself .t kr

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This is an old home remedy that my grandmothertaught me. Make a paste of the powder with water and apply to external vaginal area. Wait til dry and then douche with one teaspoon of Alum and a pint of water. You will feel brand new.


Albert Einstein was a terrible speller Very catty, ladies!


Clearly this person doesn't speak English that's shy the spelling is so bad. And FYI alum works wonders for the vagina


My remedy for vaginal oder
I slice a little piece off of a lime, then I put it in a cup with salt and water. Do this every two weeks or when ever and it works. Doesnt work during your period....


Ladies- alum is sold EVERYWHERE. Simply go to your local grocery store and go into the spices section.


The alum sounds good, but could U please stop the double post. I laughed at this (the 42 comments) but I also feel sorry for the original poster.


what do you do with the lime and cup of salt and water...just soak the vajay in it some how???


wow!!!!! I can't believe you had the balls to even submit that crap


I get it. But seriously? Being a grammar snob is kind of ridiculous while discussing your 'vaginal odor'. Anyhoo....Alum sticks, oh boy! I was traveling in the middle east and came across them for about a quarter. I asked what they were for, and immediately thought they'd be the perfect, cheap, gag gift for the girls back home. We all experimented. The instructions were printed in broken English, but still easy enough to figure out. Ours said TWO minutes, and I did about 30 seconds to a minute. TOPS! I can't even begin to imagine 5 mins 2/day! At the time, I didn't have any odor issues, or a loose vagina. This was strictly experimental. For science ;) However, when I had sex that night with my boyfriend (ex), it was crazy! He could barely fit it in! And he wasn't exactly 'large'. Not only that, but when he finished, HE was able to pull out. The condom, on the other hand, was being held hostage by my vagina! Do NOT insert an alum stick for 10 minutes. Not even 5. I mean, maybe if you just gave birth to quintuplets, but seriously. It will 'clam up' on you for at least a day or 2. Crazy. And I wasn't the only one. All of us were shocked. Pretty neat though. If you're shooting for the born again virgin experience. It was kind of painful. Not very pleasurable.


I did not understand a word you said! Can you try this over again in English please?!

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