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hi ,every one spcly thoz who r sufring from viginal odor,well ths remedy also help the onz who got the problm of lose vigina all u have to do buy an alum stick at a grocery store or whrever u can find it ,thn soak it in water nd rub it on the lower part mean at the entrance of ur vigina dont be hard just rub it slowly soak it again nd do it leave it 4 a while to get dry ur body part w4 a while (whn it`ll dry ur vigina will absorb the wet powder 4rm alum stick so it`ll help to get it tight nd odor free ) u can do it whnever u want but in the begining do it on regulerly plz ,atleast 10 minutes a day or 5 min twice a day or as much time u can gv ,good luck it really worked 4 me but becarefull dont be hard on urself .t kr

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I know one thing that's spelled right..alum stick... and this post is rated 4 so the real ? is who tried it and did it work? IJS!


Its txt talk. My teenage daughter types this language and I had no problem reading or understanding this comment. However, I still don't know what an alum stick actually is.


Excuse all my rudeness but it is NOT the person who wrote this comment that is stupid. It is the replies that are stupid. It's sad that most of you are making fun of this woman (or male) that is typing like this. She (or he) may be an elder that may not spell correctly or it may be someone from a foreign country that does NOT know how to type clear English. You so-called women should be ashamed of yourself because all she was trying to do was help. That is rude! From the way she or he is typing I believe she might be from Nigeria (they don't use vowels) she has some English words correct and some not so correct. I read this one time and understood exactly what she said. Ugh some of you women are so pitiful.

Ma'am thank you for your post. I wouldn't try this remedy but I had to put my two cents in it.


@ the female defending saying we talk to much shit ..
So, I suppose you're just on this post reading comments to this topic cus you're bored? Shut up, 9 times out of 10 your here for the same problem.
This post is ridiculously ridiculous. Honestly, your grammar is the worst I've seen in a while, get real. I'm pretty sure this would've helped alot, but nobody understands.


Our public schools are in a sad state if this is what they're turning out.


Clearly it's written in text mode. I teach Language Arts and usually spend the first month breaking my students of using this form of writing in class. This has nothing to with the school system. Blame it on the pervasiveness of social media outlets and the microwave mindset of the youth. It's not how I would write but I had no problem decoding the message. As the author is on a message board and perhaps using a smartphone, who cares how it's written?


Great thread, some good info, but LOTS of laughs. But seriously though, if you can't communicate, you are of little help to us here, or anywhere. And for the one calling the poster a Nigerian! Wow, that only stuck of racism! Stuck more than your bigoted cooter. And BTW, my cooter is still jumping for joy with laughter!


Hi everyone, I see a lot of raves on this suggested home remedy. I feel I should help out in putting in correct words/ spelling what the initial poster was passing across. This would be my very first time of posting a suggestion or comment with regards to home remedy in my 30 something years probably because I don't even have any home remedy for anything.

Like most people have pointed out, the writer wrote this in a text mode and I don' t have one bit of problem in understanding her suggestion. Hence, I will try my best in transcribing what she was passing across. Yes, I believe she/ he is from Nigeria. I am from Nigeria but have been in the United States for over 20 years (I was barely 8 years old then). Now, bear in mind that I am not defending nor condoning this person's choice of words/ spelling/ grammar, I believe one should endeavour to communicate in clear terms and use of proper grammatical structure for communication to be considered effective, moreso, when you are offering some help as this in the case here. I don't want you all to castigate her but see it from the point that she is only trying to help and maybe that is the best way she knows how to construct her writing.

Alum is sold in Nigeria (maybe other African countries I can't say). I grew up knowing it to be used to purify water to make it drinkable. I went back home in my twenties and I heard and saw many women using it after a childbirth experience but I never knew they were using it to tighten their vaginas as the case may be ( I just learnt from here that maybe that was the reason for the alum). I actually thought then that the women wanted to use it in the water to bathe the baby or directly on the baby.
Now let me go and transcribe the suggested remedy as initially posted.

'Hi everyone, especially those who are suffering from vaginal odor. Well, this remedy also help(s) the ones who got (*have*) the problem of loose vaginal. All you have to do is to buy an alum stick at a grocery store (* hmmm not sure if it sold in the U.S though*) or wherever you can find it. Then, soak it in water and rub it on the lower part, I mean at the entrance of your vagina. Don't rub it too hard, just rub it slowly. Soak it again and do it (*I guess rub it slowly again*). Leave it *on your woman part* for a while to get it to dry on your body part for a while (when it is dry, your vagina would have absorbed the wet powder from the alum stick, so (*thus*) it would help to get it tightened and odor free). You can do it whenever you want but in the beginning, do it on a regular basis please (* I don't see the need for a please*) at least 10 minutes a day or 5 minutes twice a day or as much time as you can give. Good luck! It really worked for me but be careful don't be hard on yourself. Take care'.

Well, that is the best I can do to make the initial post understandable to you. I really do hope it does make sense now and be of help. And, YES! I just recently noticed some odor in that part after my second child. I will give this a try if I do get some alum when family members come visiting.
I do have my hands full and will NOT be coming back to check on this post nor read/respond to people's comment/ questions. I just want to put it out there, out of respect that I won't respond because my daily schedule is so swamped and I don't know when I will get me some alum stick. (I just remembered that a friend had once asked me to ask my mother in law to bring some alum for her and it was right after she had her baby. This friend is purely a white American who married an African man and I remember asking her, what she wanted to use it for, she said the baby sitter asked her to get it. I thought she wanted to use it on the baby. Hmmm I guess I need to call her up and ask her if she still has it). I know this comment is lengthy. I apologize for that. I have to put it out there since I know I won't be visiting this site in an extremely long time. If the alum doesn't work, I will use the apple cider vinegar or the chlorophyll. Thank you everyone and all the very best in your quest.


Ali is a pickling spice found in powdered form in most Aerican grocery store with all the other spices or in the canning section. If you make a douche with it you will be very tight and taste sweet.


Please excuse my spelling as my keypad seems to be messing up sometimes. I meant ALUM.

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