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hi ,every one spcly thoz who r sufring from viginal odor,well ths remedy also help the onz who got the problm of lose vigina all u have to do buy an alum stick at a grocery store or whrever u can find it ,thn soak it in water nd rub it on the lower part mean at the entrance of ur vigina dont be hard just rub it slowly soak it again nd do it leave it 4 a while to get dry ur body part w4 a while (whn it`ll dry ur vigina will absorb the wet powder 4rm alum stick so it`ll help to get it tight nd odor free ) u can do it whnever u want but in the begining do it on regulerly plz ,atleast 10 minutes a day or 5 min twice a day or as much time u can gv ,good luck it really worked 4 me but becarefull dont be hard on urself .t kr

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I have a feeling this is some stupid teenage boy who thinks he is hilarious.


Haha 'my vagina hissed at this post' that made me laugh!!! I agree (still laughing)


LOL at 'My vagina hissed at this post'!!!


I am also laughing at the hissing Vajayjay. hahaha


LOL! I'm so GLAD I read the comments! 'My vagina hissed at this post' Ahahahaha! Made my week.


Lol, anyone would be an idiotto listen to his. 'My vagina hissed at this post' !!!!!! I cant stop laughing. The spelling is plain awful! Did you fail second grade??!!


Iam laughing too hard i can't rember the rest. You made my day, I'll give you that!


Yes, PLEASE use correct spelling and grammar.


The original poster needs to go back to the 2nd grade. I feel like I lost a few brain cells just reading that.


you women talk to much crap. what if she spells like that from an accent or something. i bet her vagina smells better than all of your guy's sewer smelling cat hissing 'VaJayJays'

Wash your freakin a$$ EVERYDAY thats all you gotta do!



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