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hi ,every one spcly thoz who r sufring from viginal odor,well ths remedy also help the onz who got the problm of lose vigina all u have to do buy an alum stick at a grocery store or whrever u can find it ,thn soak it in water nd rub it on the lower part mean at the entrance of ur vigina dont be hard just rub it slowly soak it again nd do it leave it 4 a while to get dry ur body part w4 a while (whn it`ll dry ur vigina will absorb the wet powder 4rm alum stick so it`ll help to get it tight nd odor free ) u can do it whnever u want but in the begining do it on regulerly plz ,atleast 10 minutes a day or 5 min twice a day or as much time u can gv ,good luck it really worked 4 me but becarefull dont be hard on urself .t kr

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Sorry but I don't understand anything that is written here. There's no punctuation and the spelling is beyond horrid. Would love to know what this person did, could have been the thing to help me out.




I would NEVER take advice about anything from someone who writes like my half retarded backwoods teenage cousin in Tennessee. Ugh.


Wth is a alum stick and seriously, it takes more work to spell 4rm then from!


Amen. If anyone follows this persons advice, I would Like them to call me so I can sell them the Brooklyn Bridge !


Wtf seriously I dont need a rash!!!! Wth is a Alum stick? Huh? Were u high or drunk writting this?


Alum was used in the 40's by women whos husbands went out to war. They would use it because they cheated on their husbands and Alum was thought to shrink the size of the vagina.


Are you serious? I had to read this just for the sheer humor of it. Also, I would like to know if Alum is seriously available at GROCERY STORES.


My vagina hissed at this post.


Alum does really work to tighten the is best used directly after sex.It is sold in Caribbean/African Markets or some health food stores.Dissolve it in a sits bath in hot water as hot as u can stand will tighten and also leaves u feeling fresh and clean.

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