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Man with a Plan

I had genital warts on the penis head - the glans. It started with 2 small bumps, and then suddenly there were lots and lots of them, all around the head and under the foreskin, some red, some looked like whiteheads.

I did some research, and I took a cup of pineapple juice put it on a chair, and sat behind it and soaked my penis inside it. I pulled the foreskin back and held it like that for 10 -15 minutes, The next day they were already starting to disappear... After 3 days, they were gone completely. I stopped treatment. After 2 days they came back.
So I started the treatment again. Now I have been doing it for a week, soaking once a day, every day for 10 minutes, and there is nothing there.

One other thing I will suggest, is to use some moisturising cream with aloe vera or vit e or cocoa butter... or baby oil to rub all over your penis after the bath - because the juice will dry the skin out.

And remember, don't drink that juice!

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what kind of juice did you use, concentrated or?

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