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Take one tablespoon of yellow mustard. This immediately stops heartburn.

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Maybe my mustard wasn't yellow enough, I say epic fail on this one


The reason this works for some people and not others, is because some people have heartburn due to a low production of stomach acid. If your heartburn is caused by high acid, mustard, vinegar and dairy products will make it worse. But never hurts to try it and find out.

Bride of Chucky

I have heartburn. Just did the teaspoon of mustard almost 10 minutes ago, feeling a lot better now.


Hi r u guys tawking of mustard sauce dat u use in hot dogs lol just wana make sure bfre I try it


Ok, 1:30am. I'm not pregnant and have awful nighttime heartburn and I just did this and I think it's working a little. I poured mustard on a slice of cheese and ate it that way.

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