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Take one tablespoon of yellow mustard. This immediately stops heartburn.

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Hi and thanks I tried two teaspoons of spicy brown mustrd and it helped alot I just couldn't get any more down I still feel the heartburn but I can tolerate Ws aa life saver heartburn is the worse.


It does work you don't even need a tablespoon a teaspoon works.


oh my gosh this is amazing! I am 6 months pregnant and nothing will even touch my heartburn but this fixed it within 15 seconds!!! love it!


i cant believe it either, this shit really works....thanks to the post


i usually take protonix every day and im ok but ive been out of med for 2 days i tried this about 15 minutes ago havent burped and nothing happened this remedy sucks


You are amazing omg I couldnt sleep bc of this ridiculous heartburn so after i read this i went down and swallowed some mustard and it juss got 90% better in 3 minutes omg thank you... <3


It worked!! I am floored, it burns for a second and I thought I was gonna be sick, but it really worked. Thank You!! Prob took 30 seconds and it was gone.


yup worked right away!


I have had horrible heartburn for the last 3 days and I just tried the spoon full of mustard. It burned for a few minutes and now the heartburn doesnt seem as bad but its still there.


after what felt like a fight between lava and fire in my chest and throwing up everything i ate prior to the mustard it worked fine, if thats what one calls relief!

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