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Take one tablespoon of yellow mustard. This immediately stops heartburn.

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One word folks unfreakinbelievable, if thats a word. I have had heartburn for years no help with tums or rolaids, unless i eat the whole damn pack, 1 teaspoon of mustard French's which I always have in the house because I love the stuff and almost instantly heartburn is gone, I havent been able to sleep much more than 5 hours a night due to the heartburn, wake up throwing up or choking choking and hurtin but I'll be keeping mustard next to the bed from now on. wanna know if it works just give it a try.


Ok, I am 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and have the worst heartburn not only allows about 2 hours of sleep at a time before I'm awakened by a fiery belch, but causes me to dread eating anything. So in desperation, I tryed the mustard...took me a second because I despise mustard..but lo and behold... 10 seconds of 'ow, ow ow OW...' then BURP, and it was gone...I'm so thankful to have the chance to sleep and eat normally again! Now if they could only make mustard in a chocolate flavor...

evvy mctough

I've got a l2 year old kid who eats a 'fat free diet' (totally) takes pills for depression, sees a 'shrink' and now the little Goth kid's developed some kind of burning stomach problem..She ate like 6 quarts of strawberries one day (drinks 'coffee') when I'm not looking & zap! she got heartburn.. she's had it for a year off and on.. sleeps sometimes 'sitting up' (watching mtv) So if a little mustard cures this kid, I'm grateful (but a little skeptical too.) oh and she never eats lunch.. (roll eyes around)


I'm not pregnant, just at work feeling miserable and had no heartburn medicine so i found this tip and tried it. It didn't take it away, but it didn't make it any worse. Maybe it's me, i may be deffective.


ok i posted the previous comment (not pg, didn't work but didn't make worse).
Well maybe i just needed to give it more time to work because now it's gone!
Great tip! Thanks!


I tried the mustard remedy, and my heart burn went away really fast, but somehow as a side effect I became pregnant! =)


Oh my God!!! I have been miserable with heartburn for the past hour and a half. I was unable to sleep and I have a test in the morning. I was lucky enough to come across this sight while trying to search some home remedies (I have drank about a half a bottle of Maylox, didn't help at all...) and my heartburn went away in about one minute! Unbelieveable!!!


Worked for me, heard this from my grandmother and she was right.


I used spicy mustard because it's my favorite of the mustards, and it's working wonderfully! A little harsh to swallow all by itself, and I did gag a little, but 2 burps later and the heartburn is completely gone! Totally worth it!

Home Remedies ROCK!

Thanks so much. My dad feels so much better. Cool remedy!

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