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Take one tablespoon of yellow mustard. This immediately stops heartburn.

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Ronnie Williams

Instead of going to the store at 5am for Tums,I Just gave it to my girlfriend on a swandwich, it work!! She sand its gone 1-2mins flat!!


I used Spicy Brown and it worked within 30 seconds for me. Thanks a lot!


i tried it and it seems to be working is almost 4am and i have to work a 12 hour day tomorrow so maybe now ill be able to get some sleep.


Hey, this actually did work! THANK YOU!


1 tablespoon followed by a drink of some gatorade worked for me. I use tums all the time. I have wasted years of my life driving to am/pm to buy tums. I will keep a full bottle of mustard around these parts from now on.


I assume the way this works is to neutralize the alkalide/acidic Rh levels--I learned of this in Biology classes. Although skeptical, desperation won when after my 2 am trek to buy TumsUltra failed miserably, I broke out the Mustard Bottle and Viola--10 seconds and the heartburn was gone!!! Works 4 Me!!!


My heartburn was mild when I tried this.

The first few seconds it increased the heart burn ten fold but in about one minute it was gone.

This actually works.

Fortuneatly for me though I love mustard so eating it was not a problem at all.


If you can get this down, after your mouth stops wattering, drink a glass of milk and it is much better.


What a inexpensive great remedy! Works like a charm...2 min later heartburn gone...Thank you so much!


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I was desparate by now. I suffer from very bad acid reflux and this really worked...instantly!

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