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Take one tablespoon of yellow mustard. This immediately stops heartburn.

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6days left in pregnancy and heartburn is coming on strong. I did the mustard and immediately my heartburn subsided! I will pass this onto people I know. Thanks!

saved by mustard

This is brilliant. its 1/18 and i just ate three spoons of mustard. must be the vinegar in it but it worked amazingly. its almost 3am. now i can get some sleep before i have to go back to work. thank you!!!!




haha I love how almost all of us are pregnant! I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and can't sleep at night b/c of the heartburn! I just tried this and it was hard to get down at first, but it seems to be working now.... thanks!


it's 3/30/06 and I'm 38 weeks pregnant. it's 2:35am and I'm crying 'cause my heart burn is so bad and I'm sleepy!!!. I found this site and rushed to my cupboard.

Oh My Goodness, I can't believe how the mustard works! THANK YOU THANK YOU. I felt so uncomfortable jugging down the Mylanta, takin tums, etc. THANK YOU!!


Too Funny!! I am pregnant also and on BED REST which is no fun....and heart burn is keeping me up....3am the only thing to do is wake up my husband to go get me some mustard from downstairs :)


Why am I the exception? 7 months pregnant and desperate... Worsened the heartburn for about 10 seconds, and then went back to my regular burning throw up in my throat... what's wrong with me?


Wow..... i cant believe that actualy worked.... for about a minute it hurt bad... but it took it away.... i am amazed.... everyone should try this.... and i have tried EVERYTHING prescritpions etc.... tums rolaids everything.... even had endosco[py to see what was wrong with me.... and mustard works the best


Well, I'm not pregnant, I do enjoy mustard on my sandwiches, but I never thought it would help heartburn. It's now 2:55am and I am going to get some rest. It worked. I still can't believe it. Thanks.


Okay straight up,that was the nastiest thing i've ever ingested in my life. and i think i've ingested some funkified shit. worked!!!! yay to no heartburn.

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