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I read all of the post on here. I have ringworm on my hand and it flared up and stated to spread. I at first put bleach on it for about 2 hours and then i read a post on here about neem tree oil and leaf. I looked it up and seen all the remedies that it can cure. So i found it at a vitamin store and bought the neem leaf pills and the oil. With in 3 days it is almost gone. For only 25 dollars it was well worth it. The oil smells a little but it is acually the the neem leaf that cures the ringwom the oil just helps the skin. To top it all off the neem tree has a thousand and 1 uses. Its a win win herb. Thanks to the people that posted on the neem tree.

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Frank V

Neem is great but can stop you from being fertile.


pour salt on it and apply an ice cube, do this a few times a day and it will go away

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