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Use your finger to push the tick around and around (like you're trying to make it dizzy). There is something the tick doesn't like about this movement and will back itself right out. I found 2 ticks on my dog and never believed it would have worked. Both of them removed themselves in less than 20 seconds of spinning them around!

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I just found this tick removal technique, tried it, and it worked within 15 seconds! Not sure if the ticks


5 seconds, and it was OUT!!! Why did I not know this years ago? Thanks!!!!


worked great!!


It was out in 15 seconds !


this works!!


Worked perfect, 10 seconds.

Kimber in OK

Tried alcohol, burning it out, soap to suffocate it & found this method & it was just seconds. I'm so glad I know this!


This is amazing! Works better than any other method. Brilliant!


Amazing! Just tried removing a tick off my dog by turning it around and in less than 20 seconds it released. Thanks for the help, great suggestion.


Totally worked! Didn't even take the tick 5 seconds before it dropped off! Best removal method ever! Wish I would have seen this earlier!

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