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I just found out that I have gh, HSV- 1 and 2. Its been very painful, uncomfortable and depressing. Luckily I have an amazing partner to have my back emotionally and I have made a remedy of my own to help with the physical pain. I've been using 100% aloe vera gel and 100% pure honey ( which is a natural antiseptic). I mix equal parts of honey and aloe gel and apply as needed. It burns intensely for about thirty seconds, but afterward it is soothing and for me provides all day relief from that terrible itching. My love and thoughts go out to all of you out there going through this same thing....

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J. Mart

Hi I just recently contracted HSV2 and I found out that you can get Acyclovir at wal-mart for 4 bucks its a anti-viral medication that can surpress outbreaks. I take it twice a day and i take lycine 1000mg and vitamins. and i also find that washing with dial anti bacterial soap helps keep the area dry. I haven't had an outbreak since doing this but it is a must that you stick to the regiment . I hope this helps someone

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