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So I have 2 teeth that are decayed (1 decayed down the the gums and the other just starting). I have tried many different remedies. Some of them are:

Peanut Butter on the tooth (worked for maybe 3 minutes for me)

Saltine Crackers chewed into paste (slightly worked)

Brushing my teeth thoroughly (worked for a few days but had to do it about every 3-5 hours)

Swishing soda (still currently working after about 4 days but doesn't last to long)

Clove Oil (worked for a few hours then stopped and became immune)

Swishing Salt Water (still some what works but only for short periods and have to constantly do it)

Ice/Heat Packs (ice packs normally do the trick for after I have tried something else but heat packs make it worse for me)

Swishing Vanilla Extract (worked for a few hours but had to swish it at least every 30-45 minutes)

Salt Water with Oregano (so far it has worked the best, completely takes the pain away)

Bread on the teeth (doing this will help prevent air getting to the nerve and aggravating it)

Chewing Onion on the tooth (worked for about 10 minutes then pain came back)

Mouthwash (it worked for me only if I swished until I couldn't handle it anymore)

Toothpaste (this works great if it is put over the whole in a tooth, but I does not work for me anymore)

I'm still testing things as the pain comes back after everything else fails.

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Going to sound staring but try peppermint extract works good don't be shy with it


I have a tooth with a huge hole in it. hurt like hell so I chewed a half of garlic clove and let it sit in that hole it stings and I have garlic breath but it stops it from hurting.

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