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So I have 2 teeth that are decayed (1 decayed down the the gums and the other just starting). I have tried many different remedies. Some of them are:

Peanut Butter on the tooth (worked for maybe 3 minutes for me)

Saltine Crackers chewed into paste (slightly worked)

Brushing my teeth thoroughly (worked for a few days but had to do it about every 3-5 hours)

Swishing soda (still currently working after about 4 days but doesn't last to long)

Clove Oil (worked for a few hours then stopped and became immune)

Swishing Salt Water (still some what works but only for short periods and have to constantly do it)

Ice/Heat Packs (ice packs normally do the trick for after I have tried something else but heat packs make it worse for me)

Swishing Vanilla Extract (worked for a few hours but had to swish it at least every 30-45 minutes)

Salt Water with Oregano (so far it has worked the best, completely takes the pain away)

Bread on the teeth (doing this will help prevent air getting to the nerve and aggravating it)

Chewing Onion on the tooth (worked for about 10 minutes then pain came back)

Mouthwash (it worked for me only if I swished until I couldn't handle it anymore)

Toothpaste (this works great if it is put over the whole in a tooth, but I does not work for me anymore)

I'm still testing things as the pain comes back after everything else fails.

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Rob G

I didn't look to see how loang ago this was. I was only interested in pain relief so I was in kind of a hurry. If you're reading this then you understand I would assume. The salt water and oregano works very quickly. Kinda nasty but if it works on that kind of pain...WHO CARES? Thank you very much. :o)


dont try the vanilla extra is nasty as should have put a warning saying this will make you puke


thank you i made a paste out of the orgeno and water and applied with q tip to inside of tooth instant relief thank you


what helped me was letting an aspirin dissolve on the tooth in pain.. taste awful but gets rid of the pain and on took 30 mins!


To me the salt water and the oregano should be recommended you may have to swish a couple of times but it worked ; my pain is partially gone and i can finally sleep. After the swishing i had some antiseptic mouthwash just to clean out the tooth. Then later on before you go to bed if your tooth hurts a little bite down on a cloth as hard as you can or redo the saltwater w/ oregano


Tried the oregano salt water formula, just stirred it all together and applied it to my cavity with a cotton swab. Worked perfectly after a few dabs, I'm glad I found this site. (Also I like the taste isn't as bad as you'd think.)

full time working mother

i wake up in throbbing pain from a tooth that keeps me up at night. ive noticed it starts at the same time every night. between the hours of 11pm-3am. Ive tried cleaning the cavity with a tooth picker/floss thing, brushed my teeth, and rinsed with mouthwash and warm that order works for about 15mins by that time im just falling asleep. this has been happening for about a week now and im so tired of not getting enough sleep im going home to try the oregano tonight


Ive tried letting the aspirin dissolve on tooth, oregano and salt water, garlic powder and water, garlic clove, rinsing with listerine. None of these have worked and im in excruciating pain! Cold water is the only thing that stops the pain but thats a non stop thing and im gettin exausted with gargling cold water every minute. I just took some iburprofen but idk what to do. I need sleep and i cant sleep. In too much pain!


Research Dr Weston A Price and his work with cavities. Go buy the book called the Tooth Decay cure.
Tea tree oil works great put on a q-tip and applied to the tooth.I'm in the process of regrowing my teeth and its amazing.


I have a wisdom tooth that has started to decay/chip away and because of my insurance I have to wait until they approve (which takes about 6 months) my claim before I can have it removed. So in the mean time I've been suffering something terrible! Here is what has worked for me so far -

Rinse with 1 cup HOT water, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon oregano for 1 minute
Use q-tip to apply peroxide
Pack hole with bread

I'm not 100% pain free, but now it is bearable. I can sleep, eat, drink, & talk without much pain.

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