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This is a thank you to Sandy (I think that was the original person who posted the dawn/vinegar/tea tree oil remedy). THANK YOU!!! Found out someone I was dating for 1 1/2 years was really messing around with every chic that wanted to show him her hole lol -- so he gave me the gift that kept on giving -- much to my surprise as I have NEVER had lice let alone the nightmare of trying to get rid of them... I went out and bought Rid, I swear they had a party asking where the lime was after the treatment -- didn't seem to make a difference (sorry need to keep a sense of humor about all this). I tried a couple of other OTC remedies didn't do anything either. I stumbled upon this website and THANKS EVERYONE but especially SANDY for posting the one that was the winner... I can't say I am 100% free yet, as I have only done one coating -- but I was stunned that one day after doing the Rid stuff (less than that I did that last night and it's afternoon now) once I slathered the Dawn concoction on (all over, head to toe since I was infested) I could feel all the eggs sliding down not to mention see all the gross little buggers... Kept it on for 7 minutes (I know you said 5 minutes but I thought more may be better cause I want these buggers gone!), stepped in the shower and was soooo disgusted (and happy) to see all the critters go down the drain -- stunned that I had that much on me... Will still do this every day for a week but I definitely feel like I am on the right track -- I feel 70% less itchy already -- this method works!!! And my skin feels tighter too lol (think that's the tea tree oil). A million thanks and anyone who is infested, really, try this method. It doesn't cost much, it's a bit messy (I just stood in the bathroom during all of it, yea I spilled some of it on the floor but it's no big deal whatsoever), but it works! Lesson here is -- even if you think you're in a monogamous relationship, the little bugger may have other ideas (and I would never have known if he hadn't contracted crabs himself -- ironically he claims not to have any symptoms -- I find it very hard to believe since I KNOW he has to be the source of this for me)... But this method works, doesn't hurt, non-toxic so you can put it everywhere, and it relatively inexpensive -- the most expensive part is the tea tree oil... So again THANK YOU -- YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE THIS WHOLE WEBSITE BUT AGAIN FOR THIS PARTICULAR REMEDY!!!

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What a pathetic person he is. You sound like someone who deserves sooooo much better than him. You need to wash him out of your hair. Please ,please do that. Promise me that you will look for someone better,sister. There are good guys out there. Start step at a time. Don't stay with him.!!!!!!!!! Make that a new years resolution...2014!!!!! Go girl. He's so pitiful! Get rid of the boyfriend and the nits!

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