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My tooth pain was some of the worst pains i ever felt. Hours upon hours not being able to sleep. I would have to take sleeping medication to fall asleep. When i woke up im upset and aggravated by it all day because the pain just never stops.

I tried a lot, and what i found that works: (located at Walgreen's)Walgreen's brand pain reliever with acetaminophen, The Walgreen's brand Naproxen Sodium,(maybe prescribed to you or a family member) Strong pain medicine,(Prescribed..) and last but not least 'herbal smoke'(420). A lot of the times it seems you just have to take your mind off of the pain, and just relaxx.

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I figured anything natural or herbal would be great , but smoking anything may cause more tooth pain in my experience.


marijuana definitly is the only thing that seems to bring me any relief when my teeth hurt. needless to say im a regular pot head now

Lady evan

420 definately helped take my mind off this crazy intense pain, although the smoking process made it worse. try a vaporizer. that helped much more!


thc pills work good


Sounds like some good remedies lol I chewed me some bread and shaped it to the hole and I'm Sooo good right now ;);)


420 was my last choice but combined with advil and a tea bags...I can really say 'It WORKED'

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