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Chip Chapman

Here is the real deal. I got chigger bites literally all over my body, must be a thousand, last Sunday it is now Thursday and I have a few days left to deal with this vermin. I have been soaking daily in hot bath with Epsom Salts, (very soothing and antibacterial). After that I spray a mix of Chloraseptic (an anesthetic) and alcohol (antibacterial) all over the bites this calms the itch almost immediately. Then take an Acetaminophen (pain)this has gotten me about halfway through the night when I get up and reapply the spray. Works pretty well and I still have my sanity, just messy with the food coloring . You can spot treat with any itch cream as needed but this doesn't help long. Change cloths and towels often to minimize infection. Try it I think it will help you too.

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Try nail polish remover always works for me.

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