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I suffered for decades with ever increasing rls. Tried mj, ace bandages, acupuncture, perscription drugs,reike, hypnotism, etc. etc. I have spent, over the years thousands of dollars trying to relive my symptoms. Now I have found a very inexpensive treatment - MAGNETS!

Strong magnets! Ordered them from a website (google magnets). It could cost you less than $10.00 for wonderful, restful sleep!

I tape them to my leg and have never slept better. I haven't had a good night's sleep for well over 10 years but now I sleep through the night! Friends are all remarking how good I look!

No pills, no more mj (which helped a bit).

I have been using magnets for a couple of months now and have not noticed them losing their effectiveness. And best of all - they cause no problems!

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magnets?? like what kind of magnets?? my girlfriend has horriable RLS and i rub her legs every night for like 2 hours and evenually she falls asleep. are you saying like a magnet rap? or what? I am VERY interested to find out what kind of magnets you are talking about.


I use neodymium magnets that cost less than $3.00 apiece! I believe they are as or more effective than the therapeutic magnet sites on the web and a whole lot cheaper! They help arthritis, back pain, knee pain and a whole lot more as well as rls. They last forever and don't lose their strength and best of all no side effects like pharmaceuticals. Good luck, Im sure they will work!

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