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Alright, so this isn't really a remedy, but as I was browsing this site, it just kind of happened. This is for people who have blackheads on their nose.

Take a warm-to-hot shower OR put a hot washcloth on your face. The steam will help open your pores. Wash your face like normal. I use the generic clean and clear blackhead exfoliator. Simply squeeze them out. It doesn't feel pleasant, and it takes a bit of time, but ironically enough, the majority of mine popped right out.

Make sure you squeeze deep so you get the blackhead and it's core. The less-noticeable ones will take some time but for the most part, the nose clears up.

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kya isse se sach mai farak pade ga ..........

natkhat kudi..!!

hmm...i also tries it...on my whiteheads[nose me] little breakouts fade away....
but not sure har waqt chale jaye..only in sum cases it works


lika rig hwdja xhud


this would be a relativity good idea if squeezing your skin like that didn't cause skin damage...

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