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Apple Cider Vinegar for any type of fungal infection really works. I am an herbal and nutrition consultant and use AVC for all types of fungus. If you want it to work fast anywhere on your body use it straight by swabbing with a cotton ball a couple times a day and you'll be amazed. For inside your ear dilute 50/50 with warm water and vinegar and apply twice a day (solution must be warm when you drop it in your ear). Yes sometimes it burns a bit kinda like rubbing alcohol does....however, the end result is well worth it. is not pain worse that childbirth by any means as one blogger stated. I believe that some people on this blog either have agendas that support pharmaceutical companies or they work directly for them in their propaganda depts. because their claims against vinegar and other natural cures are ridiculous. Notice that they always say 'Use antibiotics' OR 'Go to the doctor' at the end. Don't listen. People have been using natural cures at home for thousands of years. Most are as safe as eating vinegar and oil on your salad. If you can eat it, you can put it on your skin....period (except maybe in your eyes)! Also, garlic is a good anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and I have even used garlic and olive oil in my dog's ear for earache. She kept clawing at her ear so I tried it and she was cured in about a day after two treatments. As far as warm urine (yuck!) and warm onions go, it is only the moist heat that is bringing relief. Moist heat works quickly with swimmers ear. Onion is mildly antibacterial....urine can cause infection. However, for fungus always reach for the vinegar and you won't be dissappointed.

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I do started using it today and see how it works..I have got a white patch between my pointing finger and middle finger.Althought i couldn't get cider vinegar but will the normal white vinegar used in chinese food will work?


go to med shop n purchase an antifungal cream named candid,itch guard,cloben g,ring guard etc


How often and long do you soak in the apple cidar vinegar?

Janie Sullivan

I have used Apple Cider Vinegar for fungus infection in the fold under my breasts and belly. I soak a cloth in warm water, pour a capfull or two on the cloth and use it to wipe the area. Stings a bit, but clears up the fungus in a couple days. Once a day at bedtime (that way I don't smell like pickles the next day) works for me.


I have tried Apple Cider Vinegar for what I have on the calf of my leg. Stops the itch for a while but the problem is still there..

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