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13 year carrier

I was reading through a lot of these posts last night and felt compelled to share my story with you. I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes 13 years ago when I was 18 years old. I, much like a lot of you, felt like a tainted, dirty person who no one would ever want, nor understand. I am here to tell you today that over the last 13 years, I can count on one hand how many outbreaks I have had. The first one was a painful nightmare, but the few that followed were just a small sore or two that subsided after a few days. I do not take Valtrex on a daily basis for suppression, but keep it on hand for when I do have one of those few breakouts. I attribute the minimal outbreaks to the fact that I try and eat healthy, exercise daily and try and keep the stress to a minimum when possible.

On to telling those who you are involved with…I have dated and had sex with about 30-35 people since I knowingly carried the virus and not a single one of them have contracted it. I know it may not be easy to tell someone you care about because you fear rejection and shame. Not one person that I shared my condition with ever left me or judged me. I did find a few ways to “ease” into the conversation that may not be the most ethical, but I found it easier. When I start dating someone, I will mention casually that it is that time for me to go in for my yearly well woman exam and joke about how I hate propping my legs up in those stirrups and getting poked and prodded. Then I will say that I am going to go ahead and get the full gamete of STD testing since it has been a while. I suggest that he should go do the same if he hasn’t recently. Three days later, I tell them that I need to talk to them and start crying as I tell them that I have herpes. I say that I didn’t even know how long I have been carrying it, as the doctor said that 1 in 4 people have the disease and are unaware. Another route I have used is to go in for a Brazilian wax and say that I got a bad rash a few days after. I then tell the guy that I am seeing that I am going in to see my gyno just to make sure everything is okay, where then I “find out that I have herpes”. There are actually several lawsuits that have been filed from women contracting herpes from salons that “double dip” their wands. Again, I know that lying is not best policy, but I feel that sometimes it can be easier to have a catalyst to start the conversation than just come right out and say it.

Again, I would like to reiterate that you life is NOT over once you have contracted this disease. So many people, like myself, have it and live a wonderful life and have found love with someone who understands. I try to always be positive and think that it can always be worse. You could have HIV or cancer and be doomed for death. These little flare ups that we have may not be ideal, but we can make it through it and live a wonderful life!

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I know that's rite I agree with how u tell your story and right it's not HIV or cancer it could b wrose key on keeping on.

pissed at this chick

Wow . . . I cannot believe no one has commented on your post, perhaps they felt it was not worth the effort to make mention of just how incredibly unethical you actually are. Yes, many people live with this STD but from what l have read in here, though frightened by what their partners might think of them, the posters have put themselves on the line & been honest about contracting a humiliating disease, you on the other hand are deceptive & wiley & completely dishonest. Why do you not just let your partners know that you were a highly promiscuous teen who was not savvy enough to use protection & you contracted a very prolific disease? I consider you cowardly & feel that if anyone is to contract herpes from you, you should be charged with assault or criminal negligence. Your 'story' as you call it, is nothing but a biting commentary on the inhumanity of humanity & the ego of the self absorbed American woman. You should not only be ashamed but grow a spine.

Know the whole story before you cast judgement

I never said my delivery was ethical, but I cannot be charged with assault or criminal negligence if I disclose my disease BEFORE I have sex with them. Every partner that I have had proceeded into a sexual relationship with me willingly. I would NEVER have sex with someone without telling them about my situation. Cast your judgment on me if you choose, but how I tell my partner is ultimately up to me and how I feel most comfortable.


Your post has helped me and I know that was your goal, to help and reach out to ones that need the extra help. Thank you for your advice. Obviously 'pissedatthischick' has not experienced it personally. That is why no one has commented... For they all agree with this woman. It's not what's wrong with her. It's what is wrong with Americans today. Judging without first hand knowledge makes you look uneducated and dumb! So quick to judge... For no one is perfect.


'You could have HIV or cancer and be doomed for death.' -Ouch- I guess you didn't think anyone reading this comment would have had HIV or cancer, neither of which are a guaranteed death sentence by the way, though surely a hard road to travel. Thanks for your suggestions on creative ways to mention the condition. The important point is that you had the courage to tell people before you put them at risk. Many people don't hence the massive spread of this virus along with others like HPV. Let's encourage our doctors to support research into causes and natural remedies; mine didn't even know about lysine.

Herpes in a relationship

Its hard to tell someone that you have herpes when you first start talking. I would wait to tell them also; no one wants something that private shared with others without their consent. As long as you inform the other person BEFORE you have sex, like the poster, then you are NOT physically harming that person.

I am currently in a relationship and has not told my girlfriend, because we are not having sex. However, I see the relationship is getting serious and have to find a way to tell her. I will not have sex or oral sex or let her touch my privates until I tell her the truth.


At least you tell em. Doesn't matter how you do it, just keep telling em. Who cares how or when you became a carrier, the important part is that they're informed!


You can't know if those 30 people contracted it because some won't show symptoms for years!


You are a TERRIBLE person and are probably spreading the virus faster than people who are unaware they have the disease. Every post on this message board helped, but yours should absolutely be removed.

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