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Di (England)

I came to this page after having an abscess under a crown, which I believe often happens. I had considered going to A&E at 2 this morning rather than wait until 7am to book in with the doctor, as the pain was severe. However, before resorting to this, I thought I'd try one or two of the suggestions kindly made by others here.

Firstly, I used a tea bag, which gradually over a hour and a half gave some relief, but as soon as I stood up the pain increased again. Then I used a clove between my gum and cheek which didn't really have any effect.

It seems from what others have written that everyone responds differently to certain things. I use lots of natural/alternative remedies (and therapies) having experienced their power, so have a cupboard full of useful remedies. A couple of people mentioned colloidal silver (which can be used internally and externally as a natural antibiotic - although internally it needs to be used very carefully as too much can make you turn blue-permanently!) Anyway, I had a bottle so thought I would try it to rinse the abscess. The results, within 10 minutes were nothing short of miraculous!! No pain {what a relief!) and it feels as if it is not just masking the pain but dealing with the abscess infection too. The swelling is going down and I'm beginning to be able to shut my teeth together again. I felt human again straight away.

The other things that I took were Ibuprofen (don't take on an empty stomach, or you'll have more problems than just your teeth!) high strength garlic, echinacea and vit C (very effective remedies for fighting infection).

Another thing that has prevented me from sorting out this tooth is the fact that I've had a locked jaw for a month now and was waiting for it to unlock as the dentist wouldn't be able to get into my mouth to take the tooth out(previously it has only been locked for a maximum of a day). The abscess may be causing this prolonged locking but there may be other reasons too, which I'm looking into and trying different things.

The other things that have prevented me are the fact that I don't like to take antibiotics unless it is a real emergency because of the profound effect they can have on your body, and also my brother had two doses of Amoxicillin in quick succession and went into anaphylactic shock, which was not only life threatening but also left him with a chronic susceptibility to infection for the rest of his life. (I've already had one course a few weeks ago so am worried about taking another. I'll have to see what the doctor suggests).

I feel that I could easily go to bed and sleep now, but just wanted to share this with you. It's a good job we all have the internet - to research and find things out for ourselves. A lot of people would be in a sorry state without it! Thank you very much for your suggestions.

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Hi Di

How are things with you now? I have the same thing. An infection under a crown. I dont know what to do anymore.


I also use colloidal silver to relieve tooth ache pain. I just swish it around and the pain subsides in a matter of 5 minutes or so. Regarding the turning blue, don't believe the hype. Those cases involved people who decided to make their own colloidal silver and made the concoction improperly.

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