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Absorbine Jr. (liquid form, green in color, comes in a plastic container with an foam applicator tip. usually sold as a pain reliever). I had athlete's foot in high school 15 yrs ago and found that nothing worked, when my grandfather mentioned this remedy to me after suffering for 2.5 yrs this cured the symtoms after 4 or 5 months. After the symtoms cleared I have not had an issue since. ( my son possibly has A.F. and just bought a new container of absorbine jr. from walgreens, if conditions do not improve I will repost).

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Absorbine Jr worked for me also...25 years ago. One of the active ingredients used to be acetone, but it has been removed, no doubt due to government over-regulation. I have no doubt that it's probably bad for you, but desperate circumstances call for desperate measures. Try buying some acetone from the hardware store and mixing it with Absorbine Jr in a 1:2 ratio.

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