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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd be brave and share what helped me..
About 2 years ago I suspected I had GWs. I was scared and infuriated. I knew that I obviously didn't give them to myself; It was a huge gash to my self esteem and unlike most things, this falls under the way too much information category of best friendship. The only one I could tell with some pride still intact was Google.
I went online as most do and stayed up very late searching for a reasonable cure or divine miracle to fall into my lap(literally).
For a few weeks I was consumed with worry and anger. Hoping them away doesn't work and at the time I didn't have any insurance. They just grew.
I finally went to the doctor and my fate was confirmed.I opted out of in office treatment and went home to pout and cry.
Back to the internet.
I decided to spring for the 0.87 ACV and some fresh garlic cloves. I also grabbed some lemons and tea tree oil.
And decided to make this work.
I started with a warm shower or bath with epsom salt. Epsom salt is great. frees the body of toxins and makes skin feel great. You can also had dry milk if you so like. It's very cheap and makes your skin feel glorious and soft which is the most important part of this process. Out of the shower I would apply the Acv with a q tip.I would sometimes wear a thin pantie liner to mask the smell of the AVC. I also found that you can add lavender to the AVC and make it a bit more tolerable. Through out the day it was difficult. I was working full time so I had to bring this stuff to work and do it on my lunch break. Not fun, but one thing about doing it this way is you must be committed.
At work I'd bring a small container of peroxide, Acv and tea tree oil. I would Apply the peroxide first to clean and dry the skin, apply the acv and lastly the tea tree oil. I would do this at least twice while at work.
I would drink lemon water ALL DAY. Lemons are awesome for disinfecting your insides. I don't like drinking water so this was way around it.
At home I really tried to boost my immune system. I'm a big fan of the emergenC line and love the coca cola flavor. I'd drink about 2 packets of these a day. It really made a difference. Now about the garlic.
I would eat about 3 cloves a day. Garlic is amazing. Its healing attributes are astounding and I sometimes feel that this did the most for my immune system.
On weekends I would mash the garlic until it was paste like and apply it right to my affected area.
I did this for about 3 weeks. And saw major improvement! After the third week. Things seemed to get worse. They started to come back and this made me crazy, but I kept up with my routine. After a month only 3 small dots remained. I went to the store and bought a cheap bottle of liquid wart remover.This is warned against, but getting rid of warts is all about getting rid of the root, and I still think this was a good move. After applying the liquid, the skin would turn white and peel off. But a small lump would always remain.
I did this along with everything else for about 3 more weeks and always with the same result.
I was beginning to get discouraged, this had become somewhat of an obsession to me and It was killing me that I couldn't fix this.
I was going camping for a week and I was very nervous about not being able to keep to my strict regime while out enjoying the wilderness, and the fact of that terrified me. I went garlic in tow. Very nervous and bummed knowing that when I got home I may be in worse shape then when this all began.
To my surprise just the opposite.
After the week I came home and they were gone. GONE. GONE. Nothing there!! I stopped worrying somewhere around day 3 of that trip, and with that and my garlic they vanished.
All in all I had them for about 3 1/2 months. They sucked. And I worried a lot. But I won in the end.
Boosting your immune system is key in anything,with this make it priority. Lots of Garlic, vitamin c and lemon water is absolute life saver and last but not least, Hakuna Matata.

Good luck to everyone.

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Hello World,

I want to share my journey of GW. I'm from Asean country. As part of our culture we don't do pre-marital sex. For us sex is sacred and it's only for married couple. That's my belief until the age of more than 30. I had a foriegner bf, he was very nice and he seems very serious to marry me. He took advantage and force me to have sex with him. Things were so fast it did happened. Months later I saw 3 bumps in my vagina. I just ignore it. But it became so itchy and bigger. So I decided to search in the internet about this thing. I found out I had GW. I was very angry with my ex bf now. I was upset to myself. I ask God why this happened to me. I had one sex experience in my whole life, I'm not like others that sex to many people as they can. My life shuttered, distress, dissapointed and future had gone from that day on.
I ask God what to do? How can I treat myself? Then I search online. I found all your advices. I followed them.
I'm treating myself for a week now. It's really amazing because my wart is almost gone. I don't know what really happened but the wart become smaller and smaller as the days go by. I put ACV only in the evening. I take vitamin C 1000gm,garlic and onion, lemon, carrot juice, and honey. It's efffective. No more itchyness and my warts are almost gone for a week.
Hope this will help you as well.
Thanks to you all
God's love us


Amen! im glad to hear that :] .. can you pray for me? i think the only thing im struggling is boosting my immune system thanks for your post.. God WILL pull through for me as well, i know it.


oh and on the garlic part, how did you take it, ive tried doing it, but it wad just too gross, it burned, i couldnt handle it. what do you suggest on how or thw best way to intake garlic?


Hi again,
For the garlic there isn't really an easy way that I found to consume it... I would actually eat the fresh clove, either minced or sliced very thin. I ate about two a everyday. I also would apply it to affected area minced, and sometimes if i had the time I would take garlic powder and make it into a paste and apply it that way as well.


how did you make it into a paste? because, i did that in the shower, i simply opened the capsul and put the powder on the wart and burned so much lol. but i managed it. ive been using TTO and Caster oil as well, my wart has gottes smaller, but theirs still that small bump, it needs to go away already


I would just add a tab bit of water or lemon to the power and it kind turns into the same consistency as wet sand, but softer? lol. I never did it in the shower either, I would usually try to do it like at least an hour before.That way I could wash away the garlic smell. Its really important to the let garlic sit on the affected area for as long as possible.


Lol i will give that a try thanks.

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