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dental worker

If you have an abcessed tooth, you need to see the dentist. No way around it. They have credit plans at most dental offices. Or, most county hospitals offer emergency dental treatment (extractions only) but they will not turn you away. They will provide you with antibiotics and some type of pain medication.(Usually).Kiwi Drug is an online site that sells various medications that are not readily available in the US (if you can wait 10-12 days).And they are a legit company. Used them myself. Good Luck.

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you have to have excellent credit in order to qualify for any sort of payment plan. They WILL turn you away. Ive been being turned away for years.


I have to agree, not all cities do this. Here If u cant pay them then you don't get treatment. Even hospitals won't do anything but give you pain meds and antibiotics. You still have to deal with the tooth.


I have to agree with the other comments. I have NEVER heard of a hospital/ER doing any kind extractions on your teeth. The most they will do is give you antibiotics and possible some form of pain meds and tell you to see the dentist ASAP.

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