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I figured I would post an update on my progress, as it's both therapeutic for me to talk about anonymously and I think it might be helpful for others out there struggling with this problem as well.

I left off with a severe second degree burn over a large portion of my penis. I ended up having to wait about a week for the burn to heal, as putting anything on it hurt like hell. I basically just washed it with hydrogen peroxide a couple times a day and kept it covered in neosporin and a bandage. After it healed to the point where I felt I could resume treatment, I decided to switch to a slightly less intense ACV treatment. Basically, I made a paste of crushed up aspirin and equal parts castor oil and acv to about toothpaste consistency. I'm a little skeptical that the castor oil actually does anything, but I wanted to dilute the acv anyway so I decided to go ahead with this. I applied this paste at night to affected areas and covered it with cotton soaked in a 50% diluted ACV solution (this was to keep the paste from drying out, increasing the effectiveness, but also diluting the ACV so I wouldn't burn my dick again!).

It was difficult to see results given that a large region of my shaft and scrotum was still quite irritated, and then I had a major setback. The gws spread to another area where I had never had never had them before and there were tons of them, about 50+, and I got extremely discouraged. In retrospect I imagine this spreading was caused by me overdoing the procedure and not allowing some time to heal between treatments. Anyway, I continued to apply the paste/cotton ball treatment to affected areas, and thankfully the new gws-which were all quite small-disappeared in a matter of days. However, there remained the problem of the larger, older gws that I had been struggling with.

Words of caution here-I had a single gw on my shaft that I had treated with over the counter wart freezer, which I thought killed it successfully but actually made it far, far worse. The wart didn't exactly spread, but became MUCH deeper rooted-I could tell not only because the ACV wasn't working on it as effectively, but also because where the gw had previously showed up as a small white spot it was now a large (~2 cm x 5 cm) area that showed up completely white after applying ACV. Anyway, this is going to sound gruesome but I basically had to keep applying the paste to this area nightly, using the day as a recovery period, until I almost got down to bare flesh-every day another layer of infected, yellow skin would peel off. Eventually I could see tiny white spots which I believe to be the 'roots' of the wart, and were clustered throughout the warty tissue. Sometimes I would peel away the infected skin, which I felt necessary to prevent it from spreading further. Anyway, I eventually managed to get rid of the warty tissue at the roots in this particular area through perseverance! There was basically an open sore on my shaft but it is healing ok and I expect it to be fully healed in a week (it's been about 4-5 weeks since I began using ACV at all, and maybe 3 weeks after healing from the burns).

I haven't completed treatment yet, as there are still a few stubborn warts on my shaft which continue to get smaller. My scrotum has been a bigger problem-after leaving paper towels soaked in ACV on overnight I found that a large region, about 2 inches by 4 inches, seemed to infected-I couldn't see individual warts but the whole thing showed up white, with one spot near the middle having turned black. Needless to say I was discouraged, but at this point I know the ACV treatment can and does work, it's just a matter of pushing on until it's all taken care of. I've continued the ACV treatment I described above, and after a couple days several layers of infected skin on my scrotum basically sloughed off in the shower. The area was quite tender, and having made the mistake of overdoing the treatment before I decided to wait a couple days before resuming treatment, as I'm assuming that I'm getting CLOSE to annihilating them all but not there yet. Waiting to apply another treatment was definitely a good idea, as the outer layers of skin have continued to peel off leaving what looks to me like healthier skin below.

So this is the point I am at now: I am treating what seems to be a large infected area on my scrotum, and a few isolated gws on the shaft of my penis. I am going to resume treatment tonight and hopefully things will go well this week. My advice to those out there is to remain positive, and most importantly, don't overdo the treatments!! A couple days of applying ACV followed by a couple days of rest seems to be better than applying it every day, as it gives your body time to get rid of the dead skin/warts and generate new skin from underneath, and also lowers the risk of completely burning yourself like I did. Once again a long post but I hope this is helpful or at least a cautionary tale. Good luck to everyone, and I will try to post again when this ordeal is over.

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