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migdalia chevere

My daugther have a boil in her thigh and for about 2 days and last night I gave her a treatment witn ictiol(ichthammol 10%) and a tomato leave, it burst overnight,I put ictiol in a leave give a warm in the stove and apply. It really work. In my family everyone gets boils and this remedy is a bless.

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I have a boil that has developed on my neck, makes me look like i have an adamns apple, I'M A WOMAN help!


Genius, just posted this morning, walnut (in shell) sized boil on my neck. Cotton ball, vinegar, tape. Already helping within 15 minutes!! Good luck all, YUCK! :-)


Tea tree oil soap. Use it every day. Helps to control the bacteria but you need to bathe with it daily.

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