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I've had a plantar wart the size of a dime on the side of my big toe for about a year and a half. Initially I went to the doctor who recommended salicylic acid. After about a month of failure, the wart came back bigger so I went back to the doctor. It was then frozen off with liquid nitro. This also did not work. On the advice from my GP, I purchased the Dr. Scholls home Freeze off kit. After 3 applications, the wart just kept getting bigger. Then I found this website (and several others).
I started using a combination of white vinegar on a cotton ball taped on tight, and taking 800mg of Tagament (2 doses of 400mg) per day. When I get our of the shower in the mornings, I clean the warts with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to dry them out. Then I re-apply the vinegar, and do the same thing every night before I go to bed. It burns and throbs like crazy and actually woke me up every several hours while I was asleep.
After 48 hours, the wart started to get smaller, and had these black squiggly lines in the center, and a large white ring around the outside. I took a disposable emery board and tried to remove some of the dead skin, and continued with the vinegar treatment.
It's been 4 days now and this morning the wart was completely black! It still hurts, but not nearly as bad. It is nearly flat to my foot, and totally looks like it's working. I'll continue with the vinegar treatment and post back when it falls off. I'm seriously impressed, and actually optimistic that this is working!!

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Well after about 6 days of 24 hour a day treatments, the whole thing turned black! I took a sterilized knife to it and the whole thing popped right out, leaving a big whole right in the center. I continued the white vinegar treatment for another 3 days to make sure I got it all. Since then I've been keeping it clean and covered with neosporin. It's almost completely healed. I'll continue to update if the wart comes back, but so far so good!

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