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As an Aussie I've suffered from this type of skin cancer on the back of my hands for years. Up till recently I simply went to the quack and he burned them off with Liquid nitrogen. Now i'm trying something I was told about long ago which is 7% solution iodine tincture 3 or 4 times a day and strangely enough it seems to be working. Hellish slow though compared with the nitrogen. Used to live next to a farmer that used the fruit of the Apple of Sodom (Solanum linnaeanum) on skin cancers around the eyes of his cattle and he swore it always worked but in their wisdom the West Aus Government declared this a noxious Weed and had it virtually eradicated. Strangely enough when it became almost impossible to find in the wild the gov gave a private company permission for 'trial plots' to test for medicinal properties. Also known as Afgan thistle, bitter apple, black-spined nightshade, devil's apple, poison apple. Disclaimer...All remedy's I have uploaded to this site are for historical purposes only as here under the 'Therapeutic Goods Act' I cannot even suggest someone try a bucket of water if their a**e is on fire.

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Holy shiiznt, this is so cool thank you.


Sounds good...may have occasion to try the iodine tincture- thanks for sharing!

Also have heard tea tree oil works on some skin cancers too. Had two small scaly bumps on forehead...applied tea tree oil 2-3 times a day for about 8-10 days and the bumps kinda 1/2 fell off and 1/2 dissolved.

Looked up that 'Sodom Apple' plant, and it looks a lot like what's been seen and called 'Thorn Apple', as a 'pesky', invasive species the state of Florida USA.


Same stuff is called BEC5 Google it. ;)

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