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Anybody who lives outside of the cities in Australia probably has met Bull ants, Jack-jumpers, inch-men etc all of which have a rather nasty sting that can be very painful for a long while and sometimes itch for weeks. Now nature has provided an antidote for this that works much better than antihistamine (if you even have it) and this is freely available bracken fern, not the mature ones but the youngest ones that are just unfurling. Crush the juice out of them and apply on the sting simple as that. Pain will soon go and no serious itching. This is not something I read in a book it was passed down to me 40+ years ago by a 70 year old man (at the time) who like myself lived and worked in the bush.. Hope this may be of help to somebody
PS..also remember the best solution for burns of any kind is honey. Another old bush remedy that works

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thank you will try this one out. A bit difficult when bitten in the city but will certainly try it out bush. I have used honey on burns and its like magic. Honye and wrap in glad wrap

Donny Echemandu

Jalapeno juice is amazing on a burn. Instant relief.

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