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I know that everyone is undoubtedly tired of reading this, but while home remedies are ok for quick relief, they're just that; quick, a stop-gap measure. I came directly to this site every time I had an abscess and used the tips gratefully, until the most recent time, when none of them simply worked. I had gone through 35 ibuprofen and 30 aspirin in the space of four days and it had virtually no efficiency by the time I decided to pull it together and get help. Like many of you, I don't have insurance, and I'm a 21-year-old college student who can't find a job and has been living with family since being orphaned at 16, so I was especially weary of the charges I'd end up with in the end. I had an abscess forming near the roof of my mouth, and tried to wait for it to go down with the usual treatments, but the misery won out, after my fourth night of waking up every two hours and popping endless pills, alternating between holding a heat pack or ice pack to my cheek and crying all the while.

Even if you don't have insurance/ it's a reeked and you can't go to the dentist, go to thr emergency room at the very least. A lot of places won't bill you until later, and if you're low or no-income (like me), they'll work out payment plans or even give you some forms for a waiver for that visit. Or, if you're lucky, they'll assign you a care worker who will help you get set up with insurance.

Either way, you'll get a prescription for antibiotic and painkillers, which isn't too expensive (without insurance, I only paid $29 for the two, and that's in California.) Call around to a few pharmacies, ask them how much they charge for each medication. Just don't let the lack of money scare you into not doing anything.

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