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Janet McILhon

I have always used the inside membrane (skin) of on onion and it works the best for taking the pain way immediately and you will have no blistering effects. Peal away first layer of the onion and then peel away thin layer of the inside of the onion. Place that thin layer of onion skin on the burn. Do not remove the onion skin away from the burn for at least an hour because the pain will immediately return. My husband recently burned his finger and we did not have a onion in the home. We tried at least 12 of the remedies on this site and nothing worked long term. Do your self a favor and use the remedy I suggested. It really works.

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OK, I'm a doctor and when I read this, I thought, that is just crazy and maybe even dangerous. But then I thought, well, Dr. Smartpants, you're on this site because you've burned yourself and nothing 'medically-indicated' is even remotely helping, so why not give something a try? I admit I was pretty impressed by the responses to 'onion therapy' so I limped on down to the hospital cafeteria and begged for an onion. The staff found me a gorgeous big Spanish onion and even cut a wedge out of it for me to insert my burned finger into. The result is... miraculous. I find real people often know more than doctors, and I'm going to recommend 'the onion cure' to everyone I know! Thanks to all who took the time to share their experience; of interest, I just read that aloe vera (pretty well known as a burn remedy) is a member of the onion family.


would a green onion work instead

Blisterless fingers

After 4 hours of suffering with just an ice pack (unable to do anything else but hold an ice pack) I decided to check the web. Something eventually worked - just don't know if it was 1 remedy or a combination or maybe just the passing of time. I first used the onion trick (Just sliced it and held it as I really couldn't do much more, then poured honey onto my hand, and then finally broke into my aloe plant. I sat for about an hour squeezing the aloe onto my hand and letting it dry and then applying more. So after about 6 hours from initially getting burned by a pan handle, I finally felt some relief! Good luck!


Earlier today I burnt my finger with some hot oil. It was a small spot about the size of a dime, but the pain was absolutely excruciating! Holding the burn under cold water and later soaking it provided much relief, but I could not remove my finger from the water without the horrible pain returning, and in panic began to consider a trip to the doctor.

Fortunately, I decided to look around online for a home remedy first, found this site and all the testimonies about onions and am happy to say that I am now completely pain free!

My own variation on the procedure was to peel away and discard the thin membrane from the underside of one of the onion's inner layers, and then squeeze the layer between my fingures a bit to get the juices to run. I then wrapped the wet onion piece around my finger, resqueezing periodically to get more juice out. When I could no longer express liquid from the piece of onion, I got a new one (I replaced the onion piece about every 20 minutes). Doing this, I found that the pain became bearable pretty quickly, and was gone after an hour or two. I have spot that looks like a blister, but there is no liquid inside that I can see, and I can press on it without pain.

Thanks so much to all of you who shared your experience with this remedy!

CHRIStopher black

I was cooking my wife a nice meal when I grabbed the handle of the skillet just out of the oven ( dumbhead!!)
Ice water, bag of frozen peas, icepack... they all gave relief but once removed... oh SH-T!!. My wife looked uo all sorts of remedies online and found the onion trick. Whoever it was that first thought to put an onion on the burn that was hurting like HELL.... THANK YOU.
Works a treat for me!!! Typing this now with freshly sliced onion wrapped up in a bandage. SO GRATEFULL

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