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Janet McILhon

I have always used the inside membrane (skin) of on onion and it works the best for taking the pain way immediately and you will have no blistering effects. Peal away first layer of the onion and then peel away thin layer of the inside of the onion. Place that thin layer of onion skin on the burn. Do not remove the onion skin away from the burn for at least an hour because the pain will immediately return. My husband recently burned his finger and we did not have a onion in the home. We tried at least 12 of the remedies on this site and nothing worked long term. Do your self a favor and use the remedy I suggested. It really works.

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I burnt myself on hot steam this morning while removing the lid from a big soup pot. I had an ice bag on my finger for almost two hours and the pain was still unbarrable. I tried the onion skin and the burn felt better right away. I've had to put new moist onion skin on about every half hour, but it really has helped!!


Wow it really works! I burned my middle finger and it blistered almost straight away, I have had ice on it but as soon as I take it off it starts hurting a lot, when it was time to go to bed it was too painful to sleep, so I looked up remedies & this did have a lot of comments so I tried it, it takes about 5-10 minutes but now there is no pain. Thanks a lot now I'm sure I'll get a good night sleep.


Wow! This really does work. Thanks!


didn't work plz give me more


I was getting a quesasilla out of my toaster oven, and burned my middle finger, outside, not palm side. Not a very serious burn, it turned white and the skin around it pink. This works better than ice. Thank you.

Val B.

I just burned my hand (4 fingers and palm) yesterday evening after touching a cast iron skillet handle that was in the oven. I tried different home remedies (soaking my hand in milk, applying aloe vera, honey and flour, and even toothpaste). But nothing seemed to help. The pain was at about a 7 out of 10. Not only was my hand stinging and burning but I had shooting pain through my arm and I was ready to go to the ER. This onion remedy was the only thing that seemed to help and the pain subsided rather immediately to a 6 within 10-15 minutes. The pain was brought down to a 4 after an hour. The pain eventually the went down to a 1 before I went to bed. It is now the next day and after seeking medical help (yeah it was that bad), I'm told to apply neosporin and keep my had wrapped.


I am in awe ... this actually works


Thank you worked,good job.

Happy Mother

My daughter burned her finger and I tryed everything n nothing was working so I finally found this and tryed it..And it actually worked. It took her pain away instantly. Now I can finally get some sleep!!! Thanks so much!! :)


I burned two of my fingers badly last night. The pain was just about unbearable if I wasn't holding an ice cube. I tried the honey/flour suggestion, and I had lidocaine on hand. Nothing. Then I put the onion skin on my fingers, and kept it moist with an aloe/lidocaine spray (for sunburn). Within 10 minutes the pain was reduced enough that I was able to try to sleep. Amazing. This morning, no pain. Some redness but no big blister. I can't believe it worked. THANK YOU

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