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Janet McILhon

I have always used the inside membrane (skin) of on onion and it works the best for taking the pain way immediately and you will have no blistering effects. Peal away first layer of the onion and then peel away thin layer of the inside of the onion. Place that thin layer of onion skin on the burn. Do not remove the onion skin away from the burn for at least an hour because the pain will immediately return. My husband recently burned his finger and we did not have a onion in the home. We tried at least 12 of the remedies on this site and nothing worked long term. Do your self a favor and use the remedy I suggested. It really works.

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it didnt work


was cooking and just had hot oil splatter on my cheek, tried yogurt, no go, now tried onion, it works. But now
I'm tearing like a fool since it's by my nose. Hahahaha! Rather have teary eyes then a burnt face! Hahaha!


This really works! I burned my fingers on a lid. And i tried ice for a while, then it would hurt when I'd take it off. This made it much better


I got a steam burn on my finger over 3 hours ago and have had cold water and an ice pack on it since. This worked immediately!!!!!!! Thank you!

Deshon grant

wow this amazing thanks
my mother and i were baking cookies for a christmas party and she burnt her hand and this remedy help both of us get to the party on time


Working for my husband right now! Thanks so much!


This one actually seems to work, I still feel pain 10 minutes later, but it has gone down A LOT. Thanks for the help.

All better now :)

Omg thank u do much ! What a relief I burned my finger so bad so much pain tried this although it was hard too get the thin layer so worth it thanks again feel so much better :)


My stupid friend burned her whole hand and we tried this remedy and it worked almost instantly thanks :)


It didn't work for me :-/

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