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Janet McILhon

I have always used the inside membrane (skin) of on onion and it works the best for taking the pain way immediately and you will have no blistering effects. Peal away first layer of the onion and then peel away thin layer of the inside of the onion. Place that thin layer of onion skin on the burn. Do not remove the onion skin away from the burn for at least an hour because the pain will immediately return. My husband recently burned his finger and we did not have a onion in the home. We tried at least 12 of the remedies on this site and nothing worked long term. Do your self a favor and use the remedy I suggested. It really works.

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This one works pretty well although it is hard to get that thin membrane with a burned finger.


Thank you so much. I burned four fingers - blistered - on hot glue. I can atleast function now.


This worked really well. My two year old burned two of his fingers and had been crying for 30 minutes until I tried this, now he's sitting quietly in my lap.


Thanks it totally works ran my fingers over my ceramic top not realizing that one of them was hot and scolded 3 of my fingers done as you said with onion relief straight away thanks again :)


i just applied it to my arm, very fine bandage. hope it works..


Tried it and loved it! i burnt my thumb (it has a blister on it) and my pointer finger (without a blister my finger felt like plastic) i put it on both of my fingers and the 1 without a blister i dont really feel any pain, my thumb on the other hand it still hurts a little bit but its not horrible it feels like to me like its in front of a fire so its feels pretty good than it did before i put it on THANKS ALOT!

John M

Fantastic remedy, liquid plastic burn. Pain around 8. Ran under water and soaked in water for four hours every time I took it out pain returned. Onion dropped pain to 0 in five mins. Thanks Janet


Wow,thst really worked. I burned my finger on a hot glue gun and was desperate for a quick fix and the onion did the trick. Thank you!


My husband said he had read severl times of a home remedy fpr a burn, but couldn''t remember what it was. I check here, and your rmemdy had the most votes so I tried sure does work...THANKS from my middle finger! Lol!


i am going to try this now

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