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Unfortunately, bacterial vaginosis is not something that can be curred (yet) but is a reoccuring infection that has no known cause, only triggers. I have been dealing with this for the last five years (same sex partner for 14 years) and it can be very frustrating. I suggest you find out what your triggers are and try to avoid or minimize them i.e. douching, soaps, lotions, washing powder, etc. Go to your gyn and get treated for BV then follow a healthy regimine which includes eating lots of yogurt and drinking plenty of water to cleanse your system. Good luck ladies!!!

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Hello, I suffered from BV for a few years. No matter what I did, or how many gyn's I saw, nothing ever helped, they just kept giving me antibiotics. Until.... I went for a check up and a wonderful doctor asked me what kind of soap I used to wash myself with..he told me to stop using soap to wash my vagina. So, I tried it and it worked! It has been years since I've had to deal with BV. It's simple, when your talking a shower, close your legs, wash the outside of your vagina with soap and rinse, then you can open your legs and wash the inside with just water. I'm totally loving it. Hope this helps :)


I found using Rephresh gel works wonders. After sex, I always get that funky smell, and that gel gets rid of it. Plus it's not messy, leaves no residue on my panties and I don't have to keep taking antibiotics for bv.


cold pressed or unrefined coconut oil taken daily will cure it ... you can also use it externally


The reason yogurt helps is because of the live active cultures in it. A faster way to take advantage of this and refresh the 'good' bacteria you've lost is to use a 'feminine' probiotic pill as a suppository. They contain safe bacteria that naturally occur in your body. And after you're cured, keep your ph balance from getting too acidic again by drinking fresh lemon with water every morning, or apple cidar vinegar (these are both alkalyzer, contrary to popular belief). I'd hate for someone to have to keep dealing with this, when it's so easy to treat!


that was the most sound advice ever. Health always starts from the inside out. Flushing your system out with water is key. There is always a balancing act with the fauna of bacteria (good/bad) and yeast. Certain pH's can lead to the death of the bacteria, who normally eat the yeast, which leads to yeast infections. When pH is off it starts the odors. So probiotic stabilization of the vagina is paramount to obtaining a steady balance in the forest if you will :)


Actually, there is a 'curre' (sic) for bacterial vaginosis. Don't give advice if you don't know anything about the subject.


I have found the way you feed these infections is by what you eat. The best way to combat them besides the douching with plain unsweetened yogurt, Is to refrain from eating breads, and products with sugar for a time. These food products actually feed the sugars/yeast and cause the infection to grow. You can try any remedy you want but if you keep putting soda's, candy, pies, bread products in your diet you're going to continue to have yeast infections or a bad odor discharge from your vagina. The peroxide and water treatment works well also

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