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I read all the posts on this page and tried to piece them together. Then I went to the kitchen, poured a little hydrogen peroxide into a cup and heated it in the microwave. Use your brain. You don't want to boil your eardrum. Just get the peroxide warmer than room temperature, do not us it if it's not comfortable to the touch.
I got a syringe that we used to feed a kitten, and, turning my head to the side, dropped some of the warm liquid into my ear and let it sit 2-3 minutes. Then I held a folded paper towel to that ear and turned over to let it drain. I did this 5-6 times with my left ear and then 5-6 times with my right. It loosened the plug of infection/wax/whatever and I can almost hear normally. After not hearing for 2 weeks, I'm pretty excited about this. The warm peroxide apparently warmed the plug enough to let it start to dissolve. The drainage on the paper towel was not attractive.
Thanks for all the other posts, everyone. So happy to hear again.

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I used to do the exact same thing with bicarbonate soda mixed with H2O2 (hydrogen perioxide) at the age of 11. It worked like a charm, I really preferred this method because I hated popping my ears, it caused me discomfort. I also had problems with my ears (still do), I produce earwax at a really fast pace so I have to clean out my ears almost everyday. I am now 18 and still do this method


Two different things. Again and again. What the ear wax has to do with internal ear congestion... For God's sake stop sharing things you don't understand.


Thx thx thx thx thx it worked Exept it took like a year for me to understand what u said

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