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Manon - Canada

Always remember, what works for someone else may not work for you.
Here's my remedy and it does work.

Brush your teeth as usual and rinse your mouth and tooth brush with warm water.

Then dip your tooth brush in peroxide and brush your teeth. Do not swallow the peroxie. Rinse your mouth and tooth brush with warm water.

Then add some Crest 3D (atleast pea size)and take your finger to rub it in the tooth brush keeping some on top. Pour some peroxide over the tooth paste and brush again and rinse again with warm water.

I had my picture taken yesterday and my front teeth were so stained that they looked rotten in the picture. So I did this remedy this afternoon after seeing the picture, and so I took another picture and HUGE difference.

What DIDN't WORK for me;
peroxide and baking soda
peroxide alone
Olive oil

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This is Amazing! I did this twice a week 3 times a day for one month and i got amazing results. My teeth are very white and my confidence is through the roof! :)


Remember the peroxide must be 3% FOODGRADE. Your gums probably turned white because u used a higher percent of hydrogen peroxide!!!


Def worked for me, could notice the difference after first use...

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