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Manon - Canada

Always remember, what works for someone else may not work for you.
Here's my remedy and it does work.

Brush your teeth as usual and rinse your mouth and tooth brush with warm water.

Then dip your tooth brush in peroxide and brush your teeth. Do not swallow the peroxie. Rinse your mouth and tooth brush with warm water.

Then add some Crest 3D (atleast pea size)and take your finger to rub it in the tooth brush keeping some on top. Pour some peroxide over the tooth paste and brush again and rinse again with warm water.

I had my picture taken yesterday and my front teeth were so stained that they looked rotten in the picture. So I did this remedy this afternoon after seeing the picture, and so I took another picture and HUGE difference.

What DIDN't WORK for me;
peroxide and baking soda
peroxide alone
Olive oil

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So that is totally not true. If something doesn't work for someone then it probably wont work for anybody else either.

Dr.Shane Pennington

no, they're right, what works for one person may not work for the next, exspecially since we are talking about teeth here. There are many, many different types of Stains, some laying on the surface of the tooth and some all the way threw, some from foods or tobacco or just from age. every stain is different and some shit works and some doesnt. This is almost the exact remedy i use and it ABSOLUTELY WORKS FOR ME!


may i know what is crest 3d??


What percentage does the peroxide need to be?


can i see the picture

Regina A

3D is just Crest 3D Whitening toothpaste. They also make a 3D Whitening Rinse. The peroxide should be no more than 3%.


do you do this daily or once a week?


i tried this remedy last night and i definitely saw a huge difference also. obviously this is something you have to do regularly to achieve whiter brighter teeth. should this be done on a daily or weekly basis?


did not work, just tried it now my gums hurt and are sore and extremely dry, now i have to figure out how to make sure they're not dry by tomorrow.


I just tried this too, and it burned very bad! It burned almost immidiatley, so I rinsed right away and my gums remained white, I was very scared. My gums remained white for about 10 minutes, and they are sore, I don't recommend trying this!

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