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As soon as I realized I was coming down with a fever blister....I was thinkin oh great here we go again, so I decided to try something different, because I didn't catch it in time this time, the blister had formed over night, so I took a clean steralized needle popped the blister, immediatley cleaned it with peroxide, washed my lips with antibacterial hand soap, cleaned with peroxide again, and applied carmex lip balm I didthid about three times that day, the next day the sore was completley dried out, but was left with a scab that took a few days to go away, keep cleaning it with the soap/peroxide for a few days after the first application if the first time don't work for you.

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That sounds horrific and painful! I just read studies where TAGAMET the over the counter Acid reducer pill helps. HOLY COW! IT WORKS I WANT TO TELL THE WORLD!! take 3x 200mg TAGAMET at the first sign of anything ... THREE DAYS IT WAS GONE!!! why isn't this all over the internet?! so three 200 mg TAGAMET (I took them all at the same time) everyday . I'm still taking it on day 4 just in case. IT WORKS!!!


I did this however it made it worse and it look likes the blister spread omg i never had this before smh


You should never, ever pop a blister! It opens the wound to infection, plus it increases the chances of spreading tenfold. DON'T DO IT!


Omg if you want to make sure you dont look like a diseased monster, dont ever pop a fever blister!! People that do this were the same people who pooped zits all the time and wonder why their face looks a hot mess.



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