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This will sound crazy but take a few drops of warm urine and put it in the ear place a cotton ball in the ear n about 5 10 Min later tilt head n let it drain i was up w my baby all night until i remembeed this old indian remedy n she has yet to have another ear problem along w several other family members it was done to me when i was small n ive never had any ear infection

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I feel dizzy every day for the past 2 years, the doctor said that it was my vestibular, do you think that this is going to work?

a witch

hey this person is right about urine helping ik this cuz you can even use urine to help treat a sting from a jelly fish.


my eight year old son was driving me nuts with his pain .i was feeling so bad for him.As a mother you donot want your child to feel any i tried the steamed towel.and he calmed down for a few,but when the pain came back I remember as a child my granma helped me with my pain and she put urine in my ear and it helped me... so i did it to my son ,and it worked for him.


and if ye did you wouldny say........pee in yer this minute anything boys... come back


When I first heard about that remedy I laughed but my son kept a earache no matter how many times I took him to the doctor it would always come back. I done everything the doctor told me to. I sit up with him and cried/ but that doesn,t help. My mothers aunt told me to do that with his urine and only his. He was still a baby so it was hard to catch it in time but finally I did and did it like she said and he hasn,t had a earache since. IT REALLY WORKS. Try it cause it can,t hurt no more than it is.


Okay, I tried it! I'll let you know if it works! Urine ear remedy


Well, I tied it, also used some hydrogen peroxide, but tried both and ears cleared up, pain gone. Amazing

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