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This will sound crazy but take a few drops of warm urine and put it in the ear place a cotton ball in the ear n about 5 10 Min later tilt head n let it drain i was up w my baby all night until i remembeed this old indian remedy n she has yet to have another ear problem along w several other family members it was done to me when i was small n ive never had any ear infection

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Actually, urine from a healthy person is a sterile fluid that is antimicrobial in nature. When stored in the bladder, it inhibits growth of bacteria (again, in a healthy person). It was used on the battle field for cleansing wounds years ago. Its not rocket science or a big, imaginary mystery. What nature gives us is amazing at times. Breastmilk has similar properties; it is now well-documented in studies in our modern times.


'i used this every time i had an ear infection until i turned 13 and my ear drum ruptured. now i use it on my kids!' ... promising.... and... confusing...


I think its the warmth so it doesnt haveto be urine


This seriously works!!!! I know it sounds gross it did to me I had an ear infection for the longest tried everything for the pain and nothing until this happened to be my last choice ..... goodbye ear ache just a few drops of urine did the work ....


This Does Work!! I Had A Old Friend Tell To Do This For My Son When He Was In So Much Pain From An Ear Infection , Now If He Get One He Will Ask Me To Put It In His Ear


thanks i was hurting to were I was in tears, but it worked completely

Melanie Taylor Knight

My dad put urine in my ear as a teenager. I cried because of how nasty it was but he took the pleasure of putting it in the syringe and putting a few drops in my ear. I layed back down that morong and woke up painless. It's unreal. Sounds crazy and nasty but worth it. Thanks Dad!


I have an infection right now, and hav tried using dis remedy, but I need to know, how many times per day?


I was desperate one night and tried this. Trust your instincts folks. THIS DOES NOT WORK.

Phil Mai Eeyore

I put my dad weiner in earand pain gone every tiem

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