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Slather vicks vaporub(on adults and children over 12-*not* babies! unless you use the baby vicks!!) on the bottom of feet, cover with socks and the coughing is usually relieved so you can sleep and rest..our pediatricians nurse told me this trick for my baby and for us adults too and it worked!

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I have had a bad cough for about 6 weeks now...produces phleghm as well. I have tried everything I can think of. I have had very little sleep. Finally I got some Vicks salve. Have been dabbing it on upper lip right under nostrils and rubbing on throat at bed time. It has helped a lot. Can now sleep at least 5-6 hours before I wake up coughing. Which is a big improvement for me. Haven't used it on my feet yet but look forward to giving it a try. Will let you know if it helps.


I have had a moderate cough for a couple of days, lost 2 nights of sleep and sound like I ate a bull frog. My husband found this home remedy last night, and it gave me a several hours of sleep. Will be trying it again tonight.

Janula Raju

Really its working..
I still wondering how it is working.
I used this for my 5 yrs old child.
She is having sound sleep with out cough after applying this.
Thanks for sharing your tips.


it is a very effective remedi given by my grandmother even.


This work for me. I had tried cough drops, peppermint candy, etc until I was desparate, so a 1:30am I went on line and saw this, I thought that it couldn't hurt to try and within 20 minutes my coughing had calmed down and I was asleep. I told my Doctor about it today and she said that she has heard of it and it does work.


Hmmmm, I posted a comment a few hours ago and I don't see it now. Let's see if this one sticks. Ok, I was a skeptic but 3 hours ago, I heaped Vicks on my feet, put on some thick socks and for a few minutes, thought it might be working. I should mention I also swallowed a spoonful of pure wildflower honey right before. The tickle and cough were back w/in half an hour. Now, I am sleeping on the couch so that my husband can get some rest because the hacking is as bad as ever. I feel kind of silly for even entertaining this idea. Vicks is an inhalant, why on earth would putting it on your feet help a cough? I was desperate to find something milder than the heavy meds I have been taking all week for my severe cold though. Oh well... Back to the drawing board.


Didn't work for me!


This DOES work ! My friends grandmother taught me this. She has been using that remedy a very long time on all of her children. Also rub on chest , it opens up airways for easier breathing. Vicks has so many uses!


Wear a dam hat and
Scarf , gloves u will not get sick...!!!

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