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Slather vicks vaporub(on adults and children over 12-*not* babies! unless you use the baby vicks!!) on the bottom of feet, cover with socks and the coughing is usually relieved so you can sleep and rest..our pediatricians nurse told me this trick for my baby and for us adults too and it worked!

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I haven't put Vick's on my feet, but it works well enough on my chest and throat (with out the socks)


my son was coughing all nite so i did the vicks on feet it really works im amazed...


Did NOT work for my daughter!!!

Ur mom

I have been coughing constantly, so much I've been throwing up, I tried this and it minimized my coughing by like 50%!


Did not work for me!


Heard about this in an email too. It works!


Worked for me :)


I was skeptical, but this worked for me! Very weird, but thank you!

I am a Cougher no more

I have had a chronic cough for years. Sometimes I get an asthma type coughing spasm. Last week something new happened with my coughing fit - I couldn't breathe for about 3 seconds because I was so filled up with phlegm from my nose & my throat. It really scared me. That's when I went to the drug store and purchased the following products. I am a different person! I don't cough any more. I recently discovered Musinex DM and my cough has stopped. Whenever I feel a tickle coming on I take a Ricola eucalyptus cough drop. I also take an Allegra allergy pill every other day to get rid of my allergy symptoms, like sneezing, congestion & couging. I went to the doctor a year ago about my cough, and he prescribed an inhaler for me. I used it some, but I wasn't consistent at using it because when I don't cough, I don't feel I need anything. The Muscinex, Allegra and Ricola cough drops work far better than the inhaler (in my case).

I am a 'Cougher' no more!

I just wanted to add that athough Muscinex DM, Allegra & Ricola cough drops would not be considered holistic home remedies, like honey, lemon, & pepper, they are not prescription drugs either. Good luck to all out there who suffer with coughing spells.

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