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Calcium is the best remedy. Why do you think Tums is packed with it. So either drink a glass of milk for quick relief or munch on some yogurt or ice cream.

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Drinking milk when you have heart burn is bad!!! Milk is both an acid and a base. It may relieve it for a little while, but it will come back times ten. Trust me I know! This is coming from a person whose mother has GERD, and I have had heart burn since I was 6yrs old!


this is a terrible solution. i tried this and it provided relief for about 5 minutes, and then it came back raging. i laid down to go to sleep, adn just when i was about to fall asleep it came back with a vengeance.


these are all things that give my husband heartburn to begin with. DON'T TRY THIS!!


I agree with other relieves it for a very short time and then BAM it comes back worse than ever!


Drinking milk will only increase reflux after a few minutes. Very Bad Idea!!!


Dairy products give a lot of people heartburn! Bad suggestion.


sometimes it works for me too, but my doctor says it's a major no no.

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