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This is my first stint with head lice on myself & hubby, my 6 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter -and it was a shock, sorry! We had been itchy headed for a few weeks. Finally one morning I peaked through my daughters hair. I was shocked, and a bit disgusted...more than I could count crawling around!! She has blonde fine curly hair. Checked my son who is blonde as well and he has course thick hair - same, but not as many bugs. My husband and I are both dark headed and hard to see anything. Went and bought Nix immediately, kept my son out of school and followed the directions for all of us. That evening upon head checks, my daughter still had crawly ones and eggs, my son had none moving -and my hubby and I were not sure on us. Researched the net, so much info my head was spinning on home remedies. What I did do the next evening was treat again with Rid - thinking they were resistant. Fast forward about 5 days - pulling nits out of both kids hair, mine and hubby's are still undecided.
I am so over this - so, went and bought a metal comb, Sauve Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, Tea Tree Oil and Denorex shampoo. This was a combined remedy based on internet info here and other places.
Treated my daughter was the worst today in this order:
Denorex shampoo combined with tea tree oil, enough for her hair. Shampoo leave in for 5 minutes ( she cried that it burned) and rinse. Condition with Sauve Coconut Conditioner, and a bit of tea tree oil and leave in. Sit and comb with metal comb in small sections - hard to manage with a 3 yr old. Had a glass of hot water mixed with RID to rinse the comb. WOW, WOW, WOW - I wish I could post a picture, the water is full of nits and small crawlies! Thank you Jesus! Kept combing and then blow dried, and then used my Chi Flat Iron to kill them another round!! Again, another way to kill them based on internet, and I belive it worked. She has naturally curly hair and we were amazed how long her hair is after flat ironing!
I have stayed up at night and picked nits out of her hair while she is sleeping till 2 am. They actually POP when you crush them between your fingernails, GROSS!
I still have my 6 yr old and my hubby and myself to do. But I had to share my daughters fix it story - stay posted for more details!
Surf the net - good info on home remedies!

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OMG if this really works I will be saying WOW WOW WOW myself I will be trying this for sure


How much tea oil do u combind with the denorex shampoo?

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